Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Old Man and the Boy. Short Inspirational Story

The old man was contemplating a group of children that were playing on the beach, making sandcastles. For them it was an important competition. Some of the sandcastles were high, big, strong, as if they could resist the passing of time and the strength of the waves, some others were fragile and delicate and wouldn't resist a small wind.
It happened then, that the children playing contemplated the old man and the old man, in turn, contemplated the children and a dialogue without words was formed among them.
And the old man said to himself: -These children play to forge their destiny, sandcastles, ocean foam, ocean breeze, only dreams and nothing else.
And in turn, on the other side of the beach, the boy that have built the stronger castle, making a solid foundation with rocks, was thinking about the old man: -Castles of sand, castles of time, of ocean foam, bones and gray hairs, you have returned to the beach to rediscover you with your dreams, with the unknown world of yesterday, today and tomorrow, that nobody will ever truly understand.

We look for reality among the dreams but in the reality we find the dreams, there are more mysteries and unawareness than the happening of time. Let's be as children, creative, sensitive, cheerful, but also, let's be as the old man, who comes from a long time ago to contemplate the present, to be filled with energy, with the happiness of the dreams.
In this way the castles of sand, of ocean foam, of sea water, will be filled with a free wind with the aroma of the beach, breezes of eternity . So the unknown becomes a creative play of tenderness and sensibility.


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