Friday, March 13, 2009

Destiny. What are We?

Destiny is played in a glass of wine. Life is the path of today and now. At a moment's time, eternity is won or lost.
The decision can be to plant a seed or to cut a flower. Life is the sun of today, it is neither the sun of yesterday nor tomorrow's because reality happens today. We can let the clouds pass by. We can see the coming and going of the waves but we cannot forget about the calling of our destiny. We can form a path. We can fulfill a destiny. We can make our life out of the whole life or we can be like the desert, that never gave anything and that never will give anything. Life is outlined in a glass of wine for its taste, for its aroma, for its color.
All this means to fulfill the desire of the heart, that does not go on beating just because is alive but because it wants to live more. Everything will come to an end, destiny will die, if it delays its decision. Just as if it would never have been born. The mouth is washed in a glass of wine, in a sweet or bitter destiny. Bitter as loneliness. There is no courage in the coward who only looks and contemplates. Risks must be taken in life because when is not well lived, is as nothing. Nevertheless, it is as the anguish of wanting to, and at the same time, knowing that everything that was done is just being useless.
Our mirror is in a glass of wine. We are going to see our own image there. It is not our figure but the reflection of what we now must be and do because in that essence is found the substance of becoming free and stopping the violence between the mind that denies and doubts and the heart that affirms.
In a glass of wine, the destiny is deciphered between two opposite forces: Wanting to be or having fear of being. What are we? A mask, a false smile, an empty look? or the lips that forever want to drink the wine of life?

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