Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Terrible Dragoons

These terrible dragoons have arisen at night, fire come out of their mouths that seem eternal, which consume all and everything. How terrible is to see the green fields at dawn, that look like covered by ashes, even the luminous blue skies have become gray, out of fear.
These terrible assassins, appear at any hour entering the life of anyone. The one that they touch becomes the sad victim of a destiny lacking serenity and peace. These terrible dragoons - whom scare and frighten everybody, live in regions that nobody has been able to know, then, all the persons affected decided to stop the ferocity of these dragoons and their terrible curses, and they went to ask their wise men, where these dragoons were born.
None of their wise men knew what to say until the moment when one of the wise men appeared, he looked simple and humble but he gave them the answer: " These terrible dragoons that go out at night and destroy everything, are the dragoons of fault and remorse, they don't arise from other places but from the darkness of your own consciousness, there, they are fed by your doubts, envies, resentments, hatreds, deceits, but mainly from the shadow of your hypocrisy.
Those who recognize their errors will be able to kill the dragoons with the virtuous lamp of the law of repentance and with their tears and thus, their hearts will be purified and the strength of their pain will kill the vileness of the dragoons and tomorrow their fields will be greener with white flowers, no longer ash gray but filled with perfume, aroma of kindness, nobility and most important, they will recover what they had lost: Their own consciousness, their virtues, their own values and their own love. And life will be what it was always meant to be."

Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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