Saturday, July 25, 2009


The scenario is the human body. The protagonists are two fierce characters, who have the most sophisticated elements to dominate, control and if necessary to annihilate one another. They confront and attack constantly their weakest and vulnerable areas.
Nevertheless, both are the exact and precise division of the same individual. And, what is the meaning of this?
That good and evil happen at the same time and in turn, that the weakness of one is the strength of the other. When one is present, the other is absent. The violence of one is the passivity of the other. In good account, they both, are the critical extreme of the other. From the maximum to the minimum and vice versa. But they can’t separate, because implicitly, one is the maximum of the other.
Then, we must understand the need for equilibrium and still go further on. And this means, to transcend these extremes, these opposites. So that these insatiable pair leave the battle and fighting spirit behind. Health and disease, as well as good and evil, are expressions of the rhythm of the natural life.
In the Science of Spiritual Knowledge, there is something more that health and something more than disease. That goes even beyond the concept of balance. Where, everything is perfectly integrated and flows like a ship on the sea. There are no opposites, violence and attacks. Everything is in a natural state, which means abundant unconditional energy. Therefore, the harmony is perfect, because there is integration and a total state of being.

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