Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Importance of Time

Remembering how much I love you, I wanted to share the feeling, with you, but it was too late, you had left in the morning ,joining the sunlight. Your path had united with the infinite horizon and then I understood, that I could only see you again on each dawn, and to feel you in the warmth of the new day.
And I knew that I was looking for you with an insatiable thirst but nothing in the universe, would bring your presence, back.
Time befriends the good. Time punishes evil. And always will remind us that one day comes after the other and what we have failed to do, what we haven't been able to reach, then, maybe, it will never return to us and that is why, I tell time: I will not cry for you, I will not leave you as simply dust of the path, on the contrary, each instant is an opportunity.
And I will become a conscious traveler, who searches for the highest goal and my challenge will be to reach the top of the mountain, to embrace the infinite Love, which I will never abandon.
Time judges actions. Time will be the executioner of the inaction.

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